Hi, my name is Jessica Wang. Welcome to my personal blog. As a single kid in the family, I treasure friendship the most. Being open-minded and having a wide range of interests allowed me to get to know more friends. Let's all have fun, and encourage and learn from each other.

Run, Jump, Turn, Reach, Hit
Get your Energy Out!

The one in red T-shirt is me, as part of the varsity tennis team of the Trevor Day School, playing against varsity team members from other schools in the city. Tactics and strategies are as important as endurance and accuracy.

My love for volleyball started with watching anime Haikyuu. Playing as a member and captain of the 12 Metro team of the NYC Juniors Volleyball Club is the best experience I had. My team called my save in the left video an epic save. I am the lucky number 8. :-)

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to learn with a national table tennis pro Kevin Wang. Above are videos of me playing against dad, who is also good at table tennis.